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Hotel Management

As a full-service hotel management company, Brutger Equities, Inc. (BEI) leverages time for hotel owners by taking care of the day-to-day details of managing their hotels. Since 1989, BEI has outperformed the competition in all their markets and won a plethora of industry awards. Simply put, BEI provides peace of mind that your investment is in good hands.

After location and the quality of the brand flag, choosing a hotel management company is the most important decision a hotel owner will make and is a decision that will ensure either success or failure depending on the management company chosen. BEI is a professional, experienced and proven hotel management company that will apply the talents and expertise necessary to successfully manage a hotel.

Competition is fierce. Costs are rising. Recruiting and retaining quality employees is more difficult than ever. There are literally hundreds of critical decisions and details that have to be addressed in a successful operation every day. Sales and marketing decisions, human resource issues, operational questions, franchise rules and regulations, and accounting procedures. These details and decisions demand a management company that is proven and structured to perform. 

Our goal is to maximize the return on investment for our client’s hotel property through professional leadership, solid operations, aggressive sales and marketing, timely financial reporting and well-trained employees delivering excellent guest service.

BEI’s Turnkey Management & Development Services

  • Hotel market feasibility analysis
  • Hotel pre-opening services
  • Cost control and financial review
  • Hotel sales planning and marketing
  • Franchise relations and inspections
  • Hospitality employee recruiting, training, and relations
  • Complete accounting and reporting services
  • Capital expenditure planning
  • Hotel renovation project management

Feasibility Analysis

  • Assist and verify feasibility studies
  • Assist in site selection and evaluation
  • Assess and coordinate hotel demand generators
  • Prepare financial pro-forma

Pre-Opening Services

  • Create and implement the pre-opening marketing plan
  • Assemble pre-opening budgets (working capital, food, beverage, linens, guest supplies, etc.)
  • Recruit, interview, and hire all key management and sales personnel
  • Train all key personnel
  • Establish definitive objectives and action plans for all departments
  • Obtain business licenses
  • Develop pricing for rooms, food, and beverage
  • Coordinate the procurement of furniture, fixtures, and equipment, 0perational Supplies and Equipment, and pre-opening supplies
  • Interface with potential hotel concessionaires and vendors
  • Develop employee benefit program and policy manual

Hotel Cost Control & Financial Review

  • Each BEI managed property operates under an annual budget that is prepared in advance.
  • Budget is submitted to ownership for review and approval.
  • All financial performance is measured against this plan.
  • All financial statements are reviewed by the Vice President Of Hospitality and CFO.
  • Quarterly or bi-annual meetings with ownership.

BEI Marketing Plan Process

  • A strategic sales and marketing plan is created each year for each BEI managed property.
  • The tactical initiatives of this plan (Sales Action Plan) are reviewed monthly to ensure property compliance.
  • The plan is also reviewed each month between the Vice President of Hospitality, General Manager, and the Director of Sales  to determine any new approaches that could better market the hotel.
  • BEI monitors coordination between property and franchisor marketing (i.e. Choice, Wyndham, IHG, Marriott, etc.) ensuring that properties capitalize on all marketing opportunities and support provided by their franchisor.
  • Evaluate the overall use and production of the Internet as a hotel marketing tool.
  • Ensure website is search-engine-friendly and user-friendly.
  • Perform search engine strategy designed to improve 3rd party website bookings.
  • BEI General Managers are active in their communities with organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Franchise Relations

  • BEI ensures each managed property operates according to the requirements of its franchise agreement through property visits and mock inspections.
  • BEI has a Vice President of Operations with specific training and experience in several major franchises (Marriott, Choice, IHG, Wyndham, etc.)
  • BEI ensures that a presence is made with all franchise Service Directors and encourages involvement and added assistance.
  • BEI ensures full compliance with franchise brand standards in operations and capital relateed requirements.
  • BEI mandates all General Managers to attend annual and required franchise conferences.

Hotel Human Resources Management

  • Employee handbook creation and review
  • Ensure proper hiring and training process conforms with all franchise and government requirements (including immigration issues)
  • Manage benefits programs
  • Provide human resource support at each property
  • Create, monitor, and implement hotel incentive programs
  • Monitor payroll costs directly associated with cost per room (CPOR) to insure that it conforms with quality and cost standards
  • BEI is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Hotel Accounting & Reporting Services

Monthly Reporting Includes:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Operating Statement – Current, Year-To-Date, Budget, and Prior Year
  • Operating Statistics
  • Changes in Cash Position
  • Aged Accounts Receivable
  • Aged Accounts Payable
  • Capital Status Report – Actual and Budget

Daily reporting includes a management flash report for labor and revenue statistics.

Hotel Capital Planning Services

  • Each year, BEI updates a short-term and long-term capital plan for each of our managed hotels.  A complete report will be presented to ownership for assistance in assessing upcoming capital improvement planning. 

Hotel Renovation Services

  • Whatever your property needs BEI is ready to assist in the planning and implementation of your hotel renovation project.
  • BEI has a Project Manager on staff that is focused on directing all aspects of full or partial property renovations.
  • BEI uses a professional design company to deliver volume-based cost savings and ensure quality of completed projects.